"Child Safety is a Number One Priority" Introducing the Window Wedge®
"Child Safety is a Number One Priority"    Introducing the Window Wedge® 

The "Window Wedge®"

The Adjustable Window Stop for Added Child Safety & Home Security


The Window Wedge® is an Adjustable Window Stop that is installed on the inside of Double Hung, Single Hung or Sliding Horizontal windows.





NOTE: Not all of the Retailers listed  have the Slip-Resistant Base Window Wedge in stock at this time. 

Some are selling off the original Window Wedges at a reduced price. 

Look for Retailers that have the "New Slip-Resistant Base" Logo on their webpage. Also the package should have Slip-Resistant-Base imprinted on the top of the package.

The Window Wedge® was designed for added Child Safety and Home Security.

The Window Wedge® installs easily. No Tools Required.

Quality Hook & Loop (Velcro® brand) material attaches the Window Wedge® to the inside window frame.

The Window Wedge® is Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Window Wedge® is a registered trademark of Cresci Products, LLC.